Budget Reform

Increase funding to revenue generation agencies to facilitate an increase in revenue collections. Insure that the GVI fully commits to achieving Performance-Based Budgeting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by sanctioning poor performance and rewarding good performance.

Government Reform

Consolidate major business creation, regulation and taxation agencies to form a GVI Department of Revenue. Mandate that government services be provided online to reduce operational cost, improve customer service and increase efficiency.

Education Reform

Establish a pilot program where a single school is selected in each district, the cost for educating a child is calculated and each pilot program school receives its own budget based on the cost per child versus number of children enrolled. 

Mandate that each pilot program school also receives administrative resources to manage budgets and comply with GVI regulations.

Economic Development

My economic plan calls for enhancing EDA programs to encourage companies to relocate their call centers to the USVI. My plan calls for working with the executive branch, the VI Delegate, and the US Congress to pass Federal legislation to allow US corporations to repatriate overseas earnings through the USVI at a lower tax rate. As a condition of the enhanced tax benefit, US corporations would be required to meet USVI EDA requirements. A percentage of the federal taxes collected would be paid to the USVI.


We must grow the USVI economy. The problem with the GERS is the lack of contributions. With growth in the USVI economy, the plan sponsor--the Government of the Virgin Islands--can increase its contributions to the system. The government must implement a moratorium on future unfunded mandates. The government must also protect the benefits of current retirees. The government must reduce the vesting period from ten years to five years. The GVI must work to improve its bond rating in order to explore the possibility of securing pension obligation bonds, if economically feasible.

Health & Human Services

Establish a health campus where DOH, DHS and RLSH facilities are centrally located. Renovate the Knud Hansen complex on St. Thomas and convert Knud Hansen into the primary metal health facility for the district.

Public Safety

Develop a public-private partnership where shipping companies purchase, run and maintain shipping container scanners. The shipping companies will be responsible for scanner all shipping containers and acquire certification by US Customs. The GVI will pay shipping companies based on the number of scanned containers scanned and certified by US Customs.


Natural Resources & to Environment 

Mandate that the GVI complete the land and water use plan or face sanctions. Develop/establish a land and water use commission.